About Meh

Yoyoyo You have reached my about page. Congratulations.

First off, this page is a blog where I post pictures of cons I’ve been to and updates of my cosplay construction. Its more for me so I can motivate myself not to stop halfway. ^-^;;;

I’m Alice Yanasagi, and I’ve been cosplaying since 2009. Most of those cosplays are either closet cosplays or store bought. Nothing wrong with that, its just when I do make my own from scratch, it takes me ages because I stop and do something else, and pick it up 2 days before a con.

On this blog I will post things like progress pictures, con photos, and drafts for upcoming cosplay. o3o/ Feel free to ask me anything~

(Shameless advertising lD;;;) Contact me at:

Tumblr @ladyopower

Main Youtube


Stuff I’m selling:



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