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Its 38 hours until AN guys.


Cosplay Progress: Wig Dying Adventures

So today/yesterday I decided to dye a wig! Progress results.


Materials I kinda used.


Clipping up sections of hair. Like the do?





Next day:
It’s time for a wash!


Before washing that gross excess dye.


And now washed.

I don’t think a lot of process has been made, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten grey. Should have gotten black. I’ll pick up some more stuff next time o3ov

Cosplay Project: Protocol Omega

Eyeyey yoyoyo.
Here’s my next project.
Protocol Omega uniform from Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.

I only watched the beginning 5 sec of the video because I didn’t want to spoil myself until the subs are out. QAQ

Draft here.


I even got the material. OuO


The draft was actually kind of difficult because of the strange proportions everyone has in Inazuma. The costume shouldn’t be that hard.

Hopeful debut: Spring Cosplay Meet-up @ Kariya Park

Cosplay Project: Cecil Aijima

Just because I’m working on Wired Marionette doesn’t mean I have work solely on it!

(I can’t afford all the materials needed for Wired Marionette)

Now I got a project here due for Fan Expo!


Cecil Aijima, the guy on my banner.

Honestly, I don’t think it’ll be hard to make. Just the length needs to be right. I’ll need to measure myself in platforms though. :l

I already have the pants! :3 A pair of yoga pants with a piece of green spandex wrapped around the waist.

Cosplay Project: Wired Marionette

‘Ello, so my summer project I’ll be working on Wired Marionette. An Extend DLC costume from Idolm@ster 2.

Hurr durr, already memorized the dance. Anyway, draft picture.

Herp derp

Pretty normal for the dress, I’ll just be having problems with the armor/corset thing. Thinking of using craft foam or cardboard. (Because that’s what cheap people do “OTL) Any suggestions would be lovely~

Hopeful debut: Halloween? ;w;