Wig Archive

I have too many damn wigs. Here’s something for me to keep track of them.

Here I will have the original picture from the store I purchased the wig from, an example of my usage of the wig and a link of where I bought it. Unless something happened and I don’t have anything to prove that I have it or the wig is taken off the store.


267706_4184057592104_1736201906_n Kagamine Rin

N.Italy Wig

464656_4395797946954_169029075_o Kidou Yuuto

 Yoh Tomoe

 Yuki (Cherry Girls)

 Tomo (Cherry Girls)

 tumblr_mh1gg12lSF1ryd5nyo1_500Okumura Yukio

wpid-IMAG0288.jpg Kuroko

wpid-IMAG0518.jpg Ohana (Being morphed to Shindou)


 Rin Okumura

477737_612552342088383_1179663923_oAi Mikaze






wpid-IMAG0495.jpg Sakuma Jirou

943388_461134693973683_1089258669_n Magnet Miku


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